Terms and Conditions

1. All Course bookings must be confirmed in writing, and accompanied by a deposit of €200.00 per person, completed Registration Form, 2 x signed passport photographs, photocopy of current Valid Passport.

2. The full amount of the balance payable for individual booking must reach EGA International a full 30 days before the arrival date. For group bookings EGA International must receive all course fees a minimum of 15 days before group arrival date.

3. EGA International Reserves the right to change the course content, activities offered without notice or change to the course starting or finishing dates, prices and conditions on all current published material.

4. All prices are given in our published material are gross and based on tariffs, rates and taxes currently in force. We reserve the right to make any necessary adjustments to these prices arising from any price variation whatsoever, any change in exchange rates to the €uro arising after 1st January 2011, any increases or seasonal supplements which may be added at any time, until the service is rendered.

5. Payment may be made by Bank Draft in € euro to the Killarney, Ireland address or by Credit Transfer in € Euro directly to our Ireland bank:


Allied Irish Bank, 25 Main street Killarney Co. Kerry

Account Nº 40353-017 | Sort Nº 93-63-32 | IBAN: IE72 AIBK 9363 3240 3530 17 (BIC: AIBKIE2D)

Please note that a charge of €15.00 must be added to the Course total when sending a bank transfer.

6. Bookings may be cancelled up to 2 weeks prior to commencement of the course without penalty (other than non-refundable bank charges). For cancellations received between 7 and 14 days before commencement of the course, 90% of the full amount will be refunded. For cancellations received between 1 and 7 days before commencement of the course, 70% of the full amount will be refunded. There is no refund for any cancellation once the course has commenced. This includes late arrival, early departures or missing days during the course

7. Students who temporarily leave their host family accommodation for 1/2/3+ days are not refunded accommodation fees.

8. EGA International Does not assume any liability for loss, delay or accident of any kind whatsoever which might occur due to fault or negligence of any other company, accommodation proprietor or any other persons engaged in carrying out the interim arrangements. We act as agents only for the local transportation companies, accommodation providers and other principals and do not accept responsibility or liability for any variations in arrangements or services ordered. All contracts entered into are subject to Irish law.

9. All operators working with EGA International will be deemed to have agreed to these conditions without variations once they have booked courses or services and submitted the deposit.


All Non EU students should take out full Travel and Medical Insurance cover prior to coming to Ireland and EU nationals should bring Medical form/Card E1.11 with them.

• Visas: EU National students do not require a visa to study at EGA International.

• If you are coming from a non-EU country you should apply to your nearest Irish Embassy in order to obtain a student/visitor visa. We well send you a letter of confirmation for one of our courses which you may submit to the Irish Embassy or Irish Consulate along with your other support documentation. Letters of Invitation/Confirmation are only issued on receipt of payment of total fees. In the event of a visa to enter Ireland being refused all fees will be refunded less any bank charges incurred. Information regarding Irish visas, please see the following official web pages

Airport Transfers:

There is no charge for transfers to and from Kerry Airport for students staying in host family accommodation. If a transfer is required for other Arrival Airports – please contact our office for individual or group transfer prices.

EGA International Junior Course Rules

The following rules of behaviour and discipline apply to all students on our courses, including class periods, activities, tours and in all accommodation.

- Students may not leave the class centre or be absent from family home/residence without permission from the Centre Director.

- Attendance at classes, activities or organized trips is compulsory unless prior permission has been given.

- Students must observe the rules relating to any IT software.

- Students must observe host family/residence rules and bedtimes.

- Students in residence are not allowed into the bedrooms occupied by students of the opposite sex.

- Bullying will not be tolerated. In serious cases students may be sent home.

- Students must not misuse Centre facilities or abuse host family personal belongings.

- Mobile phones, IPods and other electronic devices must be switched off during classes, activities and remain the personal responsibility of each individual student.

- No smoking is allowed on any EGA International course at any time.

- School swimming pool rules must be strictly observed. Students may not enter the pool if there is no lifeguard or monitor present.

- Passports, ID Cards, airline tickets and pocket money remain the responsibility of the individual student or group leader. Personal jewellery and valuables remain the responsibility of each individual student.

- Students found to possess, use or supply alcohol or illegal drugs will be sent home with no refund of fees.

- If a student causes minor accidental damage e.g. broken window or household furniture he/she will be asked to sign an “Invoice” for the damage. If more serious damage occurs – parents will be informed and invoiced for the cost. At no time may students use host family private telephone without permission.

- Any students breaking these rules, or Irish Civil law, or persisting in serious anti-social behaviour will be disciplined and may be sent home early with no refund of fees. If a student is expelled from the course, parents will be responsible for the travel, flight costs incurred.

Public Holidays in Ireland:

There are 9 public holidays in Ireland each year. Public holidays in Ireland (as in other countries) may commemorate a special day or other event, for example, St Patrick's Day (17 March) or Christmas Day (25 December). On a public holiday, sometimes called a bank holiday, most businesses and schools close. Other services, for example, public transport still operate but often with restricted schedules. The list of public holidays in Ireland each year is as follows:

- New Year's Day (1 January)

- St. Patrick's Day (17 March)

- Easter Monday 25 April

- First Monday in May, June, August

- Last Monday in October

- Christmas Day (25 December)

- St. Stephen's Day (26 December)