Some testimonials

Killarney Chamber of Tourism & Commerce Killarney has been welcoming students from EGA International for the past few years and is delighted to continue doing so. As Ireland’s premier visitor destination, we are always happy to share this wonderful and special place...

Frequently asked questions from parents

Some of the most frequently asked questions from parents, who are thinking of sending their children to Ireland with EGA International. What is the level of classes? In Ireland we teach 5 different levels from Beginners to Advanced. 80% of the classes are focused on...

My summer experience in Ireland as a leader for Russian students

‘Welcome to Ireland’, a red-haired customs officer said as he smiled at me and stamped my passport… That’s how my little great adventure on the Emerald Isle began. The moment I went through the gates of Dublin’s airport, the famous Irish rain embraced me as a welcome,...

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