Our summer experience in learning English in Ireland

Hello, everyone! My name is Elena and I am the director of an English centre, situated in the town of Korolev in Russia.

I would like to share with you my experience of the linguistic trip to Ireland that we went on in summer of 2018 with a group of teenage students. To be honest, we have already been various times to Ireland, because we really admire this country, so it was quite difficult to surprise us. Nevertheless, the experience surpassed all our expectations.

The English School

The English school EGA International is situated in the beautiful town of Killarney, in a very picturesque place, surrounded by a huge National Park and beautiful lakes.

First of all, I would like to point out the exceptionally attentive approach to the host family selection. All kids stay in comfortable large houses and are received with a warm welcome and great hospitality by their Irish host families. Before the placing process the director of the school personally studies all application forms, does personal interviews, pays special attention to the habits, hobbies and preferences of each student. In the Irish homes all kids have private rooms, so EGA truly respects their individual privacy. Irish families are very attentive to the young guests and in general, they are a very communicative and cheerful people.

Secondly, the safety of the school is incredibly high. To tell you the truth, we have never met such a serious attitude towards the safety of the kids: a school bus takes and picks them up from the school; during activity programme or between classes they are also under the complete supervision of the qualified teachers.

Thirdly, all the staff has a very cheerful and friendly attitude. Francisco, the director, is very attentive to detail, from the selection of the host families to the total detailed control of the learning process and general well- being of the students.

Location. Killarney (County Kerry)

Killarney is a small, but lively town, with many shops and cafes that create an unforgettable atmosphere. The area offers many interesting options for your free time. After lessons kids spend a lot of time outdoors, going on excursions and doing sports and leisure activities. We have experienced rock-climbing, cycling in the stunning National Park five minutes walk from the school, surfing on the coast, swimming in the lakes and.. we felt very happy.

The children came back delighted. Most of them commented that they would be more than happy to repeat the experience. That is why we are definitely going back to Killarney next summer to see all our friends and adorable EGA staff.  We are looking forward to meeting you soon!

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