Some of the most frequently asked questions from parents, who are thinking of sending their children to Ireland with EGA International.

What is the level of classes?

In Ireland we teach 5 different levels from Beginners to Advanced.

80% of the classes are focused on conversation, oral exercises, listening skills and everyday conversation.

How many students are there in a class?

The average number of students in a group: minimum 8 – 15 maximum – depending on English levels and activities.

What countries are the students from?

70% are Spanish and belong to our international school in Madrid and the balance of nationalities are from European countries.

What kind of monitors or staff supervises the children?

All our staff are highly qualified and have been working with us for years so they not only know exactly what their duties are towards the welfare of the each student but also they work under the total support of the management in discipline, behaviour and participation of the student.

Host families have years of experience and take part in the supervision of the students.

Do you pick individual students from airports?

Yes, we do pick up students from Airports but this service is not included in the prices. Before booking flights we help and recommend the best possible route, so if there are students arriving during the summer season – we can arrange to pick them up or have a small group travelling together.

Is there any insurance included in the programmes?

No, Travel and Health Insurance are not included in the course prices. We recommend all participants to have their own travel insurance; for European students the EHIC is compulsory. Non EU students must have full Medical Insurance and Travel Insurance.

What if my Child doesn’t like the family or his/her residence roommates?

Yes, it may happen sometimes but we do have a policy of not making any changes until the 3rd day as we know that in 99% of the cases, there is a problem of “breaking the ice” feeling homesick, new environment etc. We ask parents to inform us of any comments from their child and we are always in contact with our families and monitors or residence accommodation staff. We know that the first 3 days are tough for every child until they start understanding and feel supported by us.

Is the airplane ticket included in the price?

No, but we can help you to find the best price and the easiest travel combination.

What about laundry?

In the campus or residence there is a self-service laundry with washing machine and tumble dryers. Please make sure the clothes are labelled with the student’s name. Students with host families are included in the normal routine host family laundry.

How much pocket money should they need?

We recommend parents to give their children what they would normally spend in their daily life at home but do allow some extra pocket money for excursion days and souvenir shopping. If students require extra pocket money, please contact our office directly.

How do we pay?

Once you have decided to register with EGA International, please complete your Registration Form and forward with Course deposit.

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